About The Bradford Sling®

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Hook and Loop Straps

The straps are wide to spread pressure and ensure a good grip. They can also be repositioned for comfort and allow the sling to be removed easily for dressing changes etc

High Quality Foam

Using foam protects the injured limb from accidental knocks, and helps to relieve pressure by equally distributing force. This makes it especially good for use with burns patients

Mulipurpose Strap

The length of the strap has been designed for flexibility. The sling can be suspended in a variety of configurations, or the strap can be placed over the patients shoulders to immobilise the arm when they are out of bed

Assembly Instructions for The Bradford Sling®

The Bradford Sling® is very easy to use and assemble. Instructions are provided in every pack.

How to Make and Use The Bradford Sling®

Step 1

How to use The Bradford Sling

Fold the rear section upwards and inwards. Fasten to the hook and loop tapes that are sewn into the foam

Step 2

How to fasten The Bradford Sling

Fasten the hook and loop straps of The Bradford Sling® over the injured limb, and then adjust for comfort.