Buy The Bradford Sling®

Where you buy The Bradford Sling® from depends who you are. We are supply very large numbers into hospitals around the world, but we can also sell directly to individuals.


Are you a hospital, doctor, physiotherapist or other institutional buyer?

The benefits of The Bradford Sling® are many fold. Start improving your patient outcomes and place an order with Capatex Medical. We can usually offer 30 day terms and we are an approved NHS supplier.

Please call us on 0115 9786 111 for more information, or write to us at and we can get your first order sent out.

Private Individuals

If you are recovering from surgery or suffering with an injury and you are looking for a better sling than a triangle fold bandage, The Bradford Sling® is a comfortable and secure solution.

Click the image below to buy directly from our E-commerce site, Capatex Care

Buy the Bradford Sling from Capatex Care

International Distributors

If you would like to become a distributor for The Bradford Sling® in your country, please let us know. It’s a great cause to support, a great product and will help healthcare professionals and patients have better outcomes.

Please contact us at and we will send you out a distributor pack.